Invite More Natural Light Into Your Home With Our Tips

Light-filled space

We all want a home that is light, bright and welcoming. In fact, many homebuyers believe a home with natural light is almost as important as a home with a garden.

The clocks are due to go forward at the end of March, which means we can all look forward to an extra hour of daylight making its way in our homes.

Luckily, TWC has you covered with three ways to entice more natural light in your home.

Install Residence 9 windows

The obvious way to increase natural light in your home is to install the right kind of windows. 

TWC’s Residence 9 windows are a modern version of the traditional flush sash timber window, using UPVC instead of wood.

Residence 9 windows can accommodate 28mm double glazing or 44mm triple glazing, welcoming a great deal of light into your space and maximising the brightness of your home.

Residence 9 Windows

Maintain your outdoor area

The greenery in your outdoor area can have an impact on the natural light in your home, especially if it grows around your windows and doors.

Trim any trees, bushes or plants to prevent them from blocking the sun’s rays. Once you’ve cleaned up your outdoor area ready for spring, you’ll be able to feel a big difference indoors.

Trim plants around windows and doors

Add skylights and roof windows

It’s true that solid roofs sacrifice a portion of sunlight. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to increase light in your home. 

At TWC, we can fit one or more roof windows in the roof covering to let the sun burst into your home.

Alternatively, our lantern roofs provide amazing views of the sky above, funnelling natural light into your home.

Add roof windows and skylights

Take full advantage of the additional light daylight savings will bring and request a quote for our Residence 9, roof windows and lantern roofs here.


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