Why You Need Energy Efficient Windows

It’s very easy to tell when your existing windows need replacing. It could be because they don’t look as visually appealing as they used to, they are letting the cold in too easily, feel loose when they’re locked or are contributing to your increasingly expensive energy bills.

Georgian Style Windows

In any of these scenarios, we recommend that your old windows are taken out and exchanged for energy efficient double or triple glazed windows.

You won’t believe the difference they will make and we’re not just talking in terms of how they’ll brilliantly transform the appearance of your house.

Draught-free home

Double and triple glazed windows bought from TWC have a very high Window Energy Rating, offer low U-values and subsequently keep draughts out of your home.

You can get right close to them and you won’t feel a hint of the weather, even if temperatures drop well below freezing. The impressive way they retain heat will also stop you having to use your heating quite so much, causing lower carbon emissions and giving you a more environmentally-friendly residence.

Improved security

One thing you should never overlook as a homeowner is home security as you could be left counting the cost of neglecting to address it properly.

The installation of double or triple glazed windows is the best course of action you can take to heighten security as both window types come with a resilient multi-point locking mechanism and are internally beaded. Even the most determined and shrewd intruder will find it difficult trying to force open a locked double or triple glazed window, something that is essential if you want to feel worry-free about home security.

Cheaper energy

We have already spoken about double and triple glazed windows eliminating draughts and the obvious consequence of this is that you will become less reliant on your heating.

Using less heat will be reflected in the cost of your energy bills as they will be far cheaper than they were prior to the new window installation. The energy savings made during the considerable lifespan of the windows will easily be enough to cover the initial cost of the windows, justifying your investment into them.


Our energy efficient windows are available in a number of classic styles. Request a copy of our Window and Door brochure to find out more about these styles and the many coloured finishes they can be supplied in.




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