Customers angry after G2S Group in Swindon goes bust

Customers angry after G2S Group in Swindon goes bust

FURIOUS customers have been left out of pocket after a Swindon business went into liquidation after 20 years of trading.Mike Webster contacted G2S Group Ltd in October 2019 to have a conservatory built at his home in Wanborough, paying a £10,000 deposit the following month.

Work was under way by February this year but not long after G2S went under because of the coronavirus crisis.

After spending a total of £50,000 and the conservatory left incomplete, Mike felt helpless as he was left in the dark not knowing what to do.

He told the Advertiser: “They were messing me around for ages.

“The roof of the conservatory is being held up with props, which is extremely dangerous, it started to creek the other day, somebody could be killed.

“I feel so angry that they’ve taken my money and the conservatory has been left like this. It was my life savings put into this and now it’s all gone.”

But he’s not alone in this, a group was formed on Facebook called Rage Against Grime 2 Shine (G2S) Group.

It has 60 members talking about how they lost their money and the work on their house has been left incomplete.

Elaine Holland is a member of the group and she spent over £620 for the deposit to have two wooden doors replaced.

The job would have cost £2,400 but the company went into liquidation before it could be started.

She said: “I was disappointed this had happened, I couldn’t believe I wasn’t going to get my money back because their website went down for a while and they said it was because of the pandemic.

“Then a little while ago their website said they were up and running again but when I went to their offices it was closed.

“I’ve used G2S twice before and I never had any issues so I didn’t really have a reason not to trust them.

“After I saw for myself that they had closed I came to terms with the fact I wasn’t going to get my doors sorted or my money back.

“I feel a bit angry, I feel conned and I feel like they have ripped me off. If they knew they were going to close permanently then they shouldn’t have taken people’s money and promised to do work they were never going to do.”

David Tuohy is the director of G2S, he said: “I apologise to our customers for our lack of communication during recent months. As I hope you will understand, this has been a particularly challenging time for myself and my staff. Whilst I am unable to comment on individual complaints, I would like to assure all our customers that the company’s insurance-backed and deposit guarantee provider together with our insurer will assist with all customer queries.”

South Marston-based TWC Home Improvements has taken on former G2S customers and is completing the work that needs doing in their homes to help them through this tough time.

A spokesperson for TWC said: “If anyone has been affected by any of the problems in this story, please contact TWC Home Improvements on 01793 781413, or visit our website we will do our upmost to help or advise in any way possible.

“We have spoken to the I.P.W.F.I. which provides the insurance-backed guarantees for G2S and we have offered our services to them to finish any work that has been started, and we are awaiting instruction from them.

“We fear many customers have been left in limbo with the devastating news that G2S have gone out of business, we will do everything in our power to assist anyone who has been left out of pocket, so please do get in touch with the team at TWC.”

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