How To Make Sure Your Home Is Heated Correctly For Winter

At the start of the month it was announced that a new energy price cap would come into force on 1st January 2019, saving 11 million customers an average of £76 a year on their energy bills. But the very next day reports claimed that energy prices are likely to rise three months after the government’s price cap takes effect.

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If this is true, it’s a severe blow to anyone struggling to pay for the privilege of heating their home as you realistically cannot go without heating at this time of the year. What you can do though if heating costs are eating into your finances too much is be more vigilant with your heating usage to help yourself.

It helps to be on the right energy tariff for starters, so switch supplier if there’s a better deal out there. Then, there’s a series of steps you can regularly take to stay warm this winter without feeling the heat that comes with expensive energy bills…

Fit energy efficient windows and doors

For a home to be energy efficient it needs windows and doors that deliver quality thermal performance – offering low U-Values and a high energy rating.

Traditional single glazed windows and doors fall way short of the standard in this regard and should be exchanged for double or triple glazed UPVC or aluminium replacements.

They’ll provide exceptional heat retention and get rid of any cold draughts you feel in certain spots.

Switch radiators off in unused rooms

We use some rooms a lot more than others and spend a greater amount of time in our living rooms than we obviously would do in e.g. spare bedroom/s.

When any room is left unoccupied over a long period turn off the radiator in that room and firmly shut the door to ensure none of the cold air from that room manages to spread to other areas of the house.

You will save money by doing this and you’ll still enjoy a toasty living room.

Time your heating to perfection

We’ve all been guilty of leaving the heating on in our homes when we’re out, but there’s no excuse for doing that any more thanks to the invention of smart heating controls.

These enable you to control your heating and hot water via an Android or iOS device when you have an internet connection. This is ideal if you’re regularly on the move and want to time your heating to come on just in advance of you arriving home after a hard day at work.

When you are at home continue using any timer you have rather than have the heating on unnecessarily.


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