How To Get Your Home Looking Eerie For Halloween

How To Get Your Home Looking Eerie For Halloween

In a couple of weeks’ time, Halloween will have crept up on us again, which is a scary thought. Don’t be spooked by it though as there is still a chance for you to dress up your home to haunt the neighbours and trick-or-treaters.

There will have to be pumpkins involved in some form, but TWC has some other scarily good ideas of how you can put the frighteners up people.

Make A Bewitching Entrance

They will be left rubbing their eyes in disbelief when they see a large pair of witch shoes outside of your front door, together with a witch’s broomstick.

Give yourself a cackle by also hanging up a sign that says “potions on sale” or “free flying lessons”, to convince others that your newest house guest is actually a witch.

This will all tie in well with the recent release of Hocus Pocus 2 on Disney+, and the kids will really get a laugh out of it.

A sign and a broomstick

Ghoulish Window Stickers

Apply some spine-chilling stickers of scary witches, spook-tacular skeletons and petrifying spiders to your windows to cause a fright.

If they seem a bit too sinister for younger children, Amazon is selling some Casper the friendly ghost stickers that won’t be quite as chilling.

Two boys in a Halloween-themed extension

Halloween-Themed Light Box

Think of your best Halloween puns and have them emblazoned on a light box that you can then put in your front window. Change them each day to keep yourself, and everyone else, amused.

With the nights closing in fast and the clocks going back just before the day itself, the light box will really shine out and capture attention.

This light box can then be how you begin the countdown to Christmas, marking down how many days there are until Santa arrives.

Trick or treat written on a light box

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