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Grey Envisage Flush Windows & French Door

Tom & Jordan's

Grey Envisage Flush Windows & French Door

Reviving a family historic cottage for its latest custodian.

The cottage has an inimitable character, and it was vitally important that it was retained. With our Envisage windows, we managed to sustain it.

Owned by his family for more than a Century, Tom, who is now the custodian of the property and lives in it with his partner, Jordan, wanted to update the cottage. But he wanted it done in a way that was faithful to how it looked when it was in the hands of his great grandparents, Grandad and three younger brothers.

1920 house photo

Tom was in possession of some photographs of the cottage, taken in the 1950’s, which we could work from to ensure that any new windows were true to the originals. After a careful look at them, we felt that our Envisage flush casement windows were a fantastic match. Tom agreed and requested that they include coloured bars, along with traditional monkeytail handles, and be finished in a modern grey to encapsulate the necessary aesthetics.

On a regular basis, friends and family join Tom and Jordan at the cottage, which was the driving force behind his decision to extend the kitchen into the garden for all future social gatherings. We inspected the relevant area and came up with the idea of adapting the kitchen window and adding French doors in its place.

Old Window
Before French Doors
Everything was finished in just four hours…

The service was second-to-none and we would have no hesitation in recommending the company to other homeowners. It was all done so quickly, but to a tremendously high standard.


There’s also a serious contingent of animals sharing the cottage with the couple - two dogs and a group of chickens. If you look at the old photographs, you can still immediately recognise that it’s the same cottage, but that it’s been delicately refashioned. Tom and Jordan have also noticed that the cottage feels quieter inside now and warmer. They should be proud of how they are doing their bit to continue the legacy of their much-cherished cottage.

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